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Bono Has Over 1 Billion Ways To Be Happy These Days
For Bono, being a legendary rock star monster took longevity and staying power.  Becoming  filthy rich took only 24 hours.  In case you were not aware of  Bono's extra-curricular activities away from being associated with one of history's greatest musical troupes (U2), he is co-founder of  "Ele…
Texas To Close Nine Postal Centers, Tyler Affected
Are you aware the USPS (United States Postal Service) first class stamped mail has reduced from 52 billion to 26 billion deliveries in 9 years?  Why?  Today, the "mailbox is now in the computer".  Okay, let me put this into perspective.  You own a business …
Gas Prices in East Texas Flirting With the $4 Mark
School will be out soon and summer vacations will begin. Will gas prices keep you close to home? For some it's "gas prices be darned ... road trip ON!!"
Most gas prices in East Texas are still below $4 per gallon, but some stations are flirting with that $4 mark. Find out wh…
Texas Tornadoes Lift 18-Wheelers Off the Ground
East Texas was not immune to the tornado outbreak that hit Dallas-Fort Worth yesterday. A tornado was confirmed by a trained spotter around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, southwest of Sulphur Springs.
The National Weather Service will be in East Texas and North Texas today assessing the damage, and deter…
World Guy Walks Through East Texas
How far would you walk for a cause?
Erik Bendl has become known as "World Guy," and just keeps walking and walking to bring attention to diabetes. So far he's walked more than four thousand miles, including East Texas.
He's gained quite a Facebook following, and he has fans and followers on…
Smartphones to Outnumber People by 2016
The tech company Cisco Systems predicts something we all probably knew was coming. Within the next 5 years, the number of smart phones on earth will eclipse the number of people living here.
We're just sharing the planet with smartphones!
Rock Stars Talk About the Death of Whitney Houston
Both Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler have made comments in recent days about what might have killed Whitney Houston.
Of course no one knows for sure. Toxicology reports are pending, the investigation is ongoing, and no offiicial cause of death has been released.
But Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler have b…

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