You have no doubt heard the term "feral cat" before, and second in line to the rampant sprawling of species wreaking havoc on mankind in the wilderness, or even in one's own backyard during a Sunday food fest, is none other than the feral pig.

But beware "Arnold Ziffel", because the Wild Hog Roundup begins April 5 for eight days, and with a king's bounty topping over $25,000, the hunt is likely to be hugely successful.

There are three divisions one can enter.  They are "Trapping/Open" (money awarded for most hogs killed), "Bonus" (most hogs killed in Shelby County), and "General" (no trapping allowed).

The entrance fee is a hundred bucks for individuals, or for a team not exceeding four people.  My math tells me that entering as a "single player" is by far the better pay day...just sayin'.

So, if you are thinkin' 'bout goin' "Hog Wild", I suggest you click here!