If you haven't had the flu yet this season, good for you! It has hit hard and fast in East Texas this year, and the CDC officially classifies the Texas flu intensity as "high."

Some people that have had flu shots are still getting the flu. My whole family was knocked out by the flu for twenty-four hours in November. The only good thing about the flu is it can be in and out of the house quickly. But when it hits, we feel like death warmed over.

Now there's a fancy new app that can tell us which of our Facebook friends might have given us the flu. No joke!

Help Remedies has released a Facebook app called, "Help I Have the Flu" that scans through your Facebook friends, looking for anyone posting status's about symptoms like "sniffling" and "coughing" or check-ins at minute clinics or drug stores.

And if you don't have the flu, the app's still useful, suggesting which friends to avoid IRL -- in real life -- until cold and flu season's over.

By the way, it's not too late to get a flu shot. Some say the strain of flu that's hitting Texas and much of the country right now may be a different strain from the ones that the flu shot protects against. But at least your body would be able to build antibodies against some of this January nastiness.

We wish you good health, and if you get sick, at least there's an app for that.