Hate to rain on a parade of allegedly good news, but not putting in my "two cents", would make this story feel rather empty.

The topic at hand is the number of prisoners in jail here in Texas.  Or, dare I say, the decline in incarcerations, which has dropped to its lowest total in four years.

According to the "experts", this dramatic revelation could be a result of Texas judges having a softer heart in sentencing, such as sending the accused to rehab, alternative treatment programs, and community based service.

The cost of convict housing these days is estimated to be nearly $18,000, not including medical expense.

Now, before you get truly overjoyed with this perception of satisfaction, we shouldn't be consumed with the decreased number of jail birds, but rather the total crime picture itself.  I mean, if the prison population is down, but crime isn't, then WHO CARES!

Until those numbers are produced, I'm still going to engage my vehicle anti-theft device at Minute Maid Park, as well as, locking the doors to my home.