The 31-year old woman posing as a high school sophomore in East Texas fooled many people besides just her classmates.

Charity Stevens (also known as Charity Johnson) was arrested a week ago for failing to provide identification to Longview Police.  It turns out, she had been posing as a student at New Life Christian School in Longview since last fall, and not even her friends or adoptive family knew she was sixteen years older than she said she was.  Click HERE for our original story.

And there's another business in East Texas that was kept in the dark by Stevens.

The women's shelter opened its doors to Stevens, and KTRE reports that group didn't know her true age either.  She stayed at the shelter for a year, and claimed to be 16-years old. KTRE says, "Several of the women at House of Hope believe Johnson is not deceiving them, they think she really believes she's a teenager."

The story has made national news, and Stevens has been at the Gregg County Jail on a $500 bond.