Center is only about a one hour drive from Lufkin, and 30 miles or so from Nacogdoches, so with the 36th annual East Texas Poultry Festival commencing next week, you may want to make plans now.

It's everything chicken when the Poultry Festival Queen and her court begin the "cutting of the feathers" ceremony on the Downtown Square at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, October 4.  Look for nearly 40 vendors in arts & crafts, carnival and food (will you be able to get a "hamburger"?), plus LIVE entertainment under the lights.   

I attended last years festivities, and it was a "hoot" (wait...that's owl talk).  Well, you catch my drift.  The festival runs through Saturday night October 6, and the Shelby County Chamber can help you with more details.

Check out the "chicken cluking" competition from four years ago.  The famous Rio theater landmark is in the background:

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