There's something happening online now that's going to make all of us cave in and adopt more rescues. Have you noticed it?

My girls are trying to talk me into getting another dog, to go with our beloved mini schnauzer, Harry.  He's a rescue dog and had a rough start in life with a broken leg and a fear of humans, but he's been with us for 9 years now, and has turned into a happy and semi well-adjusted guy.

More and more Humane Societies, animal shelters, and rescue groups are doing something now to really showcase the dogs and display their personalities on websites to urge people to adopt.  Put them in a photo booth!

If the dog is wearing a funny hat or a bandanna and it looks like he's smiling (not to mention the photo looks a little more professional than a quick shot with a smart phone camera), we're more likely to fall in love with the little guy and run to the shelter to adopt.  Then he comes home and chews up the couch and poops on the floor, but he looked cute in the pic!  Seriously, the dog-in-the-photo-booth idea is working for many animal rescue organizations, and leading to more adoptions.  MSN posted an article about it over the weekend.

I checked out the SPCA of East Texas website and they're got some cuties wearing bandannas, and it looks like several of the pups are in professional poses.  It's all about image these days and how we present ourselves, and dogs apparently are no exception.  I've seen several of pro-looking pictures as I traverse the internet at the urging of my daughters to expand our four-legged family and they're looking just as cool as a Kardashian.

Does the photo make a difference?  Do you notice and appreciate the effort?  Maybe next we can teach the dogs to take selfies and get them an "adopt me" Instagram account.

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