Oh boy. Texas can't spell a family member. It's not "wife" because that would just create all kinds 'o trouble. But the most commonly messed up word in Texas is someone close to you.

Google says the word we spell incorrectly most often in Texas is "niece."  It's that tricky i-before-e thing, and we flip flop them sometimes.  Let's see how the other states do.

In Idaho and California the most commonly misspelled word is "desert," because of the tendency to stick an extra "s" in there and make it dessert apparently. The English language is funny, isn't it? Two completely different things are just one letter off. So we'll blame the language, and not our incapacity for detail and memorization.

Louisiana has problems spelling "definitely."  The most commonly misspelled word in Montana is "vacuum." Be honest. Can you spell that one correctly without spell check? There's an urge to add another "c" for many of us. And then vacuums make us think of broccoli and we wonder why the "double c" appears only sometimes.

Wyoming has trouble with "ornery," and South Dakota and Oklahoma mess up the word "gray" the most. They must have 50 Shades on the brain and they replace the "a" with an "e."

Spell check, auto-correct, and auto-fill save us from making mistakes most of the time, and that's probably exactly why we trip up on some of the tricky words. We don't have to know. Just get close, and Google will figure out the rest!

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