Have you heard the term 'BIN' used around Nacogdoches? If you answered yes, do you have any idea what it meant? Or, are you still in the dark?

Well, I can answer that for you.

For those of you not familiar with the term 'BIN', it simply refers to someone that's been in Nacogdoches their whole life. If it's spelled out completely, it's "Born In Nacogdoches". BIN for short.

It doesn't really refer to people that were born in Nacogdoches, but lived elsewhere. It refers to the people that were born AND raised in Nacogdoches. Now, you can sort of be adopted into this group if you've been in Nac a long time. But, you're not a true BIN. Sorry if that is some rough news for any of you.

BINs are the ones that know their way in and around Nac, since they've been there forever. They're the ones that know which buildings are the ones that have been around the longest, and how many different businesses have occupied those buildings.

If you're curious, just being an SFA student does not make you a BIN. Now, there are BINs that attend SFA. But, simply attending does not qualify you as a BIN.

Now that I've thoroughly confused everyone about the definitions and qualifications of BINs, let's clarify. There is not some elite club for BINs that requires dues to paid. It's just something that's kind of known by Nacogdoches residents. BINs are the ones that you WANT to ask questions of, because they generally have answers about what's going on in Nacogdoches.

That about wraps it up for today's BIN talk. Are you a BIN? Or, did this talk introduce you to what a BIN is? If so, you're welcome.

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