We've heard the stats before, that it costs over half a million dollars to raise a child from age 0 to 18. That's the first child.

The good news is, baby #2 is cheaper!

Time Money says it costs $510,000 to raise a child to his 18th birthday.  For two kids, the total is more like $826,000 for both.  I know, I know...that's almost a million bucks, but If there's some good news in there, it's the fact that the tally doesn't double if you add a kid.  Kids are sharing clothes, sometimes bedrooms, handing down backpacks and lunchboxes and shoes sometimes, and all of that works like a big coupon for parents of two.

The Dept. of Agriculture says a child under the age of two costs about $16,000 per year, and the little brother or sister costs closer to $12,000.  The second baby costs about 80 percent of the amount that the first one set us back.

I've got three kids, and that third girl hardly ever gets anything new.  Poor thing!  She got a new backpack, but she's wearing clothes and shoes from 2009.  I think we can get through the year on 500 bucks for her.

The more kids you have, the cheaper they get...  Maybe those parents of ten, fifteen, and nineteen kids are onto something.

No back to work, so we can afford all these kids!

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