Andrew Bynum of the LA Lakers walks off the court Sunday after being ejected for a flagrant foul on JJ Barea of the Mavs.

Did you SEE it?  Barea was flattened, and even the announcers commented on how distasteful it was.
The Mavs were up by 30 at the time, and Barea was on his way in for an easy layup when Bynum clocked him.  Bynum said later he didn't mean anything by it. 
Bynum could be suspended for a game or two next season because of it.  Prior to that, The Lakers' Ron Artest was suspended for a flagrant foul on, guess who?  Barea!
Barea is the little guy that just gets it done.  Even Kobe Bryant said it wasn't Dirk Nowitzki who "kicked butt."  It was JJ Barea.
The Mavs are resting up for their next opponent....either Memphis or Oklahoma City in the Western Conference Finals.  Rub on some BenGay JJ and get ready!