Bob Dylan has that spark to write again, but this time it's not for a new record, but rather the potential follow-up to his 2004 book, 'Chronicles.'

The singer tells Rolling Stone that he's been working on a second book, and adds, "Let's hope [it happens]. I'm always working on parts of it, but the last 'Chronicles' I did all myself. I'm not even really so sure I had a proper editor for that. I don't really want to say too much about [the next volume], but it's a lot of work." Dylan adds, "I don't mind writing it, but it's the re-reading it and the time it takes to re-read it - that for me is difficult."

The vocalist says that the first volume came about when his label asked him to write an essay to accompany a compilation album of his song. He recalls, "I really didn't want to, but then I was thinking it would be a good opportunity to say some stuff about this period of time in maybe '62 to '63. I walked off 'The Ed Sullivan Show' when it was real popular in America. I wanted to take myself back to that time and relive it."

Dylan says he found a strategy of what he wanted to talk about, and feels that future volumes may center on specific periods around certain albums. He hints that the 'Freewheelin' Bob Dylan' album may be one of the sources for material in a future book.

The singer adds that his plans may change as time moves forward and he begins to write, and certain subjects may push others to the side, but he's not worried about following a set-in-stone path. The singer says, "When I started writing about the early days in New York, I found it all extremely interesting. When you start doing that, it amazes you what you uncover without even trying."

In the present, Dylan has a new record to promote. His 35th studio album, 'Tempest,' just arrived last week. The singer will team up with Mark Knopfler for tour dates this fall.