Brendyn's BBQ has been turning heads ever since they opened up with their original trailer. Then, when they opened the brick-and-mortar location, they turned more heads. Now, they continue to turn heads. This time, they're getting all-new attention with a new menu item.

Brendyn's BBQ is now making their own sausage, in-house. Let that sink in: They. Are. Making. Their. Own. Sausage. Pretty cool stuff, right?

The new sausage is beef and beef fat, mixed with pork butt, and lots of garlic. Take a look for yourself:

Brendyn Todd, Brendyn's BBQ

I don't know about you, but to me, that looks pretty good. Need a closer look? We've got that, too:

Brendyn Todd, Brendyn's BBQ

This will go right along beside all of their other pieces of greatness; The Pig Apple, The Gare-Bear, the jalapeno cream corn, etc. The only difference from what you were already getting is that now it's their own personal creation.

Looks like someone might need to call up Texas Monthly and get them to make another run out to Nacogdoches for another feature piece about Brendyn's BBQ. We're already looking forward to what's next for the Nacogdoches-based restaurant.

If you haven't made your way out to Brendyn's yet, it's located at 601 E Main Street in Nacogdoches. They're open from 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM, Tuesday - Saturday.

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