When you're house shopping, do you pick a favorite based on the way the house looks from the outside, or is it all about the kitchen and living areas inside?  It turns out that curb appeal is really pulling people in right now, and front porches are top draws.

Craftsman homes are those that have lots of wooden details and they can have different textures including stucco, shingles, stone and bricks, according to Houzz.  They first popped up in the early 1900s in California, and new builders today still mimic them with front porches and pillars and wooden gables that add sturdiness and style.

Trulia did a survey recently, and the results showed that the home styles we tend to like the most are craftsman (43%), ranch (41%), and colonial (36%).

Millennials like craftsman-style homes the most, (52% vs. 36% of those age 55+), and older generations prefer ranch style, according to the survey.

Craftsman homes might be the favorite, but are they the most common?  I see lots of ranch-style homes driving around East Texas, and plenty of two-story brick homes.  I did a quick check on Zillow, and there were actually quite a few craftsman homes that came up in Lufkin with cozy front porches and pillars for borders.  Sellers might be at an advantage since craftsman homes are so popular.

Do you even know what style category your home falls into?  I don't!  Mine is brick with siding in spots, and its got peaks and windows and it might be kind of Mid-Century Victorian Craft Ranchy.   I'm way more into kitchen and bedrooms and living areas and trying to find a "craftsman" on Tinder, but that's a whole other thing.

Craftsman homes aren't cheap.  TIME Money says the the median price of a craftsman-style home is $416,900.  But that's not necessarily the case in Texas, since the total is likely inflated because of popularity of craftsman homes in more expensive markets.  The median cost for a ranch-style home is a lot less across the country-- at about $201,000.

If the price is right, we might be able to get used to just about any style, but craftsman homes sure are cute.  And popular.

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