We all want our homes to be worth big bucks, right?  But of course with that comes the obligation to pay higher taxes and such.  High home values aren't always a win-win, and sky-rocketing values don't come without a cost.

A new report says one Texas city has the most over-priced homes in the entire country, and those homes are priced about 19 percent higher than they should be.  

Home values in Austin have been increasing for years, but a new report from the real estate company, Trulia, says prices there have topped out, and homes there are more over-valued than places like San Francisco and New York City.

Some homes in Austin are worth three times what the owners originally paid.  I didn't do quite that well, but I did buy a home in Austin in 1997 and sold it in 2001, and the increase was equivalent to the sticker price on a new SUV.  I wonder what that house would have been worth if I'd sold it this year?  Austin has the big demand to thank for the soaring prices, but it looks like it may be reaching the ceiling.

Our market may have its challenges, but aren't you kinda glad it's staying a little more affordable?  I am.