If you have ten people in your office, it's likely that at least one uses e-cigarettes.  Is it safe?

I dated a guy earlier this year that was into vaping (so much that he was almost constantly sucking on a device), and all of his friends were right there with him.  He said he liked the taste of vaping and there was "no smell," to which I sassed back and asked why he always smelled like "vanilla, chai, and patchouli" then.  He insisted it was clean and healthy, and better for him than regular cigarettes.  The FDA has yet to back him up on most of that.

Time Magazine says 1 in 10 people use e-cigarettes now, and three out of four of those people still use tobacco products in addition to the e-cigs.

What are your thoughts on vaping?  Can it help cigarette smokers quit?  Are there other advantages?  Disadvantages?

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