This one may get your blood boiling, since you can see, first hand, the impact of accidents associated with "texting while driving".

My drive to work is barely noticeable at 3.2 miles, yet three stop lights make it advantageous for me to peruse my fellow commuters.

Glancing at the bumper through my rear view mirror, bearing down on my rear axle, today's tailgater is usually reckless and self-centered, consumed by the almighty fixation of numbers and letters, much like an infant playing with a toy phone.

At least, when they are speaking to someone, they have one eye on the highway, but when you text, you might as well be driving with a blindfold.

Here's the surprising "hitch in the giddy up" though.  While 39 states already ban texting while driving, Texas is among the minority 11 states not upholding this law.  Why?

Texas politicians Tom Craddick and Judith Zaffirini went to Austin (along with victims of texting whose loved ones died) to strike up support for the texting/driving ban.  In fact, Craddick passed a ban in 2011, but Governor Rick Perry hit the veto button, calling it an infringement on personal liberty.

Right or Wrong?

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