Some of the realizations we've had during the pandemic:  we'll never actually run out of toilet paper, people on Zoom aren't always fully dressed, and it's important to support local stores and restaurants.  At least one of those ideas will linger.

A new survey commissioned by GoDaddy shows 46% of business owners hope consumers keep supporting mom-and-pop shops, and two-thirds of business owners said they were confident they could keep their doors open.  Yay.  We can help them by eating more pizza and tacos and paying them to mow lawns and keep our cars running.  We can do this.

Have you tried some new places during the pandemic?  I have.  I've ordered food from restaurants I've never tried and picked up some curbside rugs and decorations from home decor stores that I've never been to.

Fifty-seven percent of shoppers in the survey said they've taken advantage of e-commerce efforts by local businesses, and 47% said it was the first time they've ever done that.

Here's the best news if you're an East Texas business owner.  The survey said 78% of us plan on shopping with local small businesses even after the pandemic subsides.  Yes!  We knew it was important before, but now we know how vital it is and we want you to stay employed so you can crank out more craft beer, pecan pralines, barbecue, and custom t-shirts, and more.

We love East Texas, and we're here for ya.  Hang in there.

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