If you haven't seen a Breakfast Crunchwrap on your way to work yet, it's coming back soon. Taco Bell is bringing back the breakfast menu and increasing speed at the drive-thru too.

Taco Bell is one of several fast-food restaurants to see big drops in sales during the pandemic and they're bringing back the breakfast menu to try to boost sales.  Oh, the power of the breakfast burrito!

When we were all pretty much confined to the house in March and April, the roads were empty and people weren't picking up breakfast on the way into work., but now that we're moving around again and the kids are back in school, there is more opportunity for fast-food spots like Taco Bell to pass us some hash browns as we go by.  They're counting on our cravings to get them through the pandemic, and taco loving place like East Texas, that will probably work out well.

Taco Bell has 6,800 restaurants across the country, and about half of those locations have added the Breakfast Crunchwrap, Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito Potato, and hash browns again.  If your neighborhood Taco Bell doesn't offer the breakfast items yet, it should soon.  There are plans to roll out the breakfast items at every location nationwide.

The drive-thru is getting faster too, by 9 seconds.  Taco Bell had a total wait time of 310.2 seconds in 2020 compared to 319.3 seconds in 2019. That's just 5 minutes and 16 seconds total in the drive-thru lane, and it's good for the #2 ranking among fast-food restaurants in America.  Taco Bell credits its digital innovations for speeding things up a smidge.

The thing about picking up breakfast is you really have to be good at getting out of the house on time, right? One wrong move (like forgetting your mask and having to run back inside to grab it), and the window of allowed free time closes and you'll be eating that smushed granola bar in your truck instead of a taco.

But breakfast menus are coming back, and it could be one more sign that things are looking up.

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