Yes, the Astros are once again in the World Series. They defeated the New York Yankees in game six of the ALCS to make an appearance in the national championship series. However, some of the Houston fans are just a bit TOO excited, if you can believe that.

Check out the post we found from ABC13 in Houston:

Yes, those designs are real, and they're really part of those haircuts. Apparently, there's a barber in Houston that is making these cuts for those die-hard Astros fans. These are people that are way more dedicated to their sports teams than I am, or ever will be. I will cheer on my favorite teams all day, everyday. However, I will not cut their logos - or any logos, for that matter - into my hair.

But this isn't the only design that this particular barber will cut for his clients. Apparently, he'll cut Houston Texans logos into haircuts as well. Again, not really my preference.

Are you one of these people that would have something like this done to your head? Or, do you already have this done? Are you THAT excited about the Astros making another World Series appearance this year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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