The Clinical Trials network of Texas (CTNeT) got a grant worth $25 million in 2010, but it ran out of cash last month, and now the one time facility responsible for delving deeper into the crusade against Cancer, has folded.

Speculating why CTNet was ever approved for funding comes to lightduring an audit which exposed over "300 grand" of questionable expenses; actually down right inappropriate spending according to some auditors.

The folks at the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), which awarded the grant, are probably feeling a little bit like the Enron scandal has risen from the dead., and as the investigation moves forward, accusations of political soiling amidst and an unheard number of resignations, have only fueled the fire of the current criminal investigation.

The real big question, is where did the money go, and can any of it be recovered?  I expect to see an episode of this story by the end of the year on "American Greed:  Scams, Scoundrels, and Scandals".

Yet, another unremorseful touch of Americana, sadly coming at the expense of those losing the everyday battle with Cancer.