Notice all the rods and reels in East Texas over the weekend?

There were about two hundred high-school-aged anglers in the area for the first ever Sam Rayburn National High School Open Fishing Tournament.

There were two high school anglers and a coach inside each boat, all looking for the best bass Sam Rayburn had to offer.  The coach could offer tips and suggestions, but couldn't actually do any of the fishing.  The goal of the high school duo was to get five fish in the boat.

At the end of the competition, the organizers handed out awards for first through third place plus the big bass award for the men's and women's categories.  Even for those that didn't win, the tournament was still a rewarding experience.  One of its goals was to  encourage more people to get out on the water and try fishing.

The fishing tournament will happen again next summer, and organizers hope to draw an even bigger turnout.  KTRE has more.