I think I saw the first big, full-blown display of Christmas trees and snow globes and dancing elves in a store around September 15th. That’s pure madness! But after I stopped fighting it in my head, I let my excited 4-year old drag me into that section of the store and we both picked up a snow globe and shook it. Tis the season.

Today I read that 4 in 10 shoppers have already started their holiday shopping. That’s according to Retail Me Not.com. More pure madness! Then I recalled, oh yes, I too have already purchased some things and stashed them away. I found a sale on kids’ cameras three weeks ago and they’re sitting in a box in a room where the dogs sleep. I hope I don’t forget about them and find them in 2013.

It turns out, if we wait until the holidays to shop for the holidays, we’re way late! An article today on MSN says only 15 percent of folks wait until after Thanksgiving to start their shopping. That’s the way we used to do it, and now nobody does it that way. There are just too many good sales and coupons all the time, and there’s just no reason to wait. Black Friday is still THE day to shop. The stores go all out then, and there are deals we don’t see any other time of the year.

So, if you’re shopping today at Lufkin Mall, chances are you’ve got at least one holiday gift inside all those bags. Happy shopping! I’ll be there too, with bells on.

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