Look around the office today.  Do you see lots and lots of beautiful people?  If not, first of all don't say it out loud that you've made this observation.  And second, your office might be out of the norm.

Gosh, is work really a beauty contest?  It turns out, people seen as attractive are hired more often than those seen as ugly.  How do we know for sure?

Researchers sent out 11,000 resumes to companies regarding 1,542 advertised job vacancies.  Then the same eight resumes were sent to companies with only names, addresses and photos changed.  They found that callback rates were much higher for those women and men deemed more attractive.

Didn't we have a feeling already that this was happening?  Now it appears researchers have proven it.  There are plenty of us who are not beauty queens who are gainfully employed, but if a job opening turns into a competition between two people with equal skills, chances are the better-looking one will get the job.

This could be all about first impressions.  Once the job begins, those who are seen as less attractive get to prove their worth!

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