The 2021 Movie list for the rest of 2021 at the Pines Theater in Lufkin has been released, and it's impressive. The venue is of course the best as always. Perfect for many reasons, but especially interesting when you go see classic movies, and even those newer classics.

Everyone of these timeless films is someone in your families favorite movie. Just would just go ahead now and get tickets now to all of them.

Tickets to all of these amazing shows are just 5 dollars and already on sale. , and concessions are also reasonably priced. Movies are all on Saturdays and start at 7pm.

The Pines Theater Lufkin
The Pines Theater Lufkin

April 24th it's 'The Sandlot'.  So many funny quotes from this one, you will enjoy it being up on the big screen again. It's so much more than a film about an abandoned parking lot full of sand. 

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May 15th is 'Urban Cowboy.' This is the movie that started it all for young up and coming actor John Travolta. The best part of this one is that it really has the feel of the Houston honkey tonk scene that was huge in our area in the 80's .

June 19th fly high with 'Top Gun.' I actually just watched this one again, and it still holds up. Everyone still cries when, well never mind, I won't spoil it for you if you've never seen it.

July 17th get the kids involved with 'Minions.' This one is a computer animated instant classic from 2015 produced by Illumination Entertainment and is rated PG.

September 11th see 'The Man From Snowy River.' This 1982 classic is a must see on the big screen. Introduce new generations to it's beautiful horses and scenery. Jessica!!!

October 16th it's 'Gremlins.' See this horror comedy again for the first time. Perfect for Halloween or Christmas, it's just a good time.

December 18th get into the holiday season with 'Prancer.' This cult Christmas classic seems so real, yet is so magical. You will get the Christmas spirt with this film.

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