What was touted as a storm to rival Hurricane Rita, just brought some warm gusty wind to the twin cities. Though many people crowded into Lowe's to get generators and air conditioners, not many were used. There were a few localized power outages, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Deep East Texas thunderstorm.

Now I am seeing social media posts, about how it was nothing and it's a fake storm. I am reading this and trying to remember back to 2005 and Hurricane Rita. Rita hit Lufkin and Nacogdoches hard. As hard as Laura just hit in San Augustine and Jasper and Newton Counties. I don't remember groups of people posting in Louisiana or further west of us that they got ripped off because the storm didn't do damage.

The fact that we got warning in advance, of a very real threat, is a modern marvel. The past few years have seen amazing advancements in weather tracking. Before it would be a meteorologist that worked at the weather station making an educated guess. Now information from inside the storm, radar, computer modeling software, and more can track a storm to within about 50 miles. We were lucky and remained on the clean side of the storm. It got worse the closer you go East towards Louisiana.

Carlyss, Louisiana is decimated. I hope someone from there doesn't see a post about how Hurricane Laura was a non-issue, non-starter, 'let down', or whatever the post was. These people in Louisiana just lost everything. They could use that generator that you are mad you bought. Turn your negative into a positive, and reach out. You can always find someone that could use some help.

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