The news from Red Tulip Rolling Bistro has been up and down over the past few months. They announced that they were stopping the use of the truck, then they were using it again, and now...Well, I would say that this is their biggest news yet. And, it's awesome.

Last week, they opened the Red Tulip, in a store. Yes, they now have their own physical building. It's located at 1523 South First Street. That's the location next door to Domino's.

This is the building you're looking for:

TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham
TSM Lufkin - Mark Cunningham

As you can see, they've kept the truck (parked just to the side of the building), but now they have a restaurant. They officially opened it up last week.

I don't know about you, but I personally think that this is a big deal. They've still got the food truck, but now they have a permanent space as well. You can keep up with all of their specials and updates by following their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Again, I would say that this is big news for the folks at Red Tulip Rolling Bistro. It's also big news for Lufkin. Another local place to grab a bite to eat is always welcome. Yes, I realize that the Red Tulip truck has been around for a while now, but adding a permanent location is - in my opinion - very exciting for them.

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