Everything is pretty crazy this year due to COVID-19. Questions were raised about...well, everything really. What would "normal" look like this year?

Well, let me tell you, I saw a piece of normal over the weekend that made me pretty excited. And, to tell the truth, I never thought that I'd want that piece of "normal" to come back.

Over the weekend, the traffic started to pick up all over Nacogdoches. There were more people out and about, going to the grocery store, going to eat, etc. You see, last weekend marked the beginning of Move-In Week at SFA.

Normally, this is a weekend that I dread. I'm not a fan of the sudden influx of people in Nacogdoches. It's something that I've never enjoyed. Now, don't get me wrong, it was still a bit of an inconvenience this weekend, too. But, after 2020 and all of the other things that have come along with it, this minor inconvenience was definitely tolerable.

It was actually a pretty great experience to see the students come back. They're back in Nacogdoches, ready for another year of Lumberjack greatness. They were all there getting moved into their dorms, moseying around town to see what was going on, checking out the restaurants, and meandering down the brick streets.

The first official day of classes for SFA is Monday, August 24th. Obviously, they've expanded move-in dates from one weekend, to more than a week in length, due to restrictions and cleaning/sanitizing protocols. But, yes, the students are back.

And, I was glad to see them come back.

Axe 'Em, Jacks!

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