Sometimes, driving in Nacogdoches is almost as bad as driving in Houston or Dallas, especially if SFA classes are in session. Since I drive in Nac daily, I started to think: if the streets of Nacogdoches could talk, what would they say?

  • 1

    North Street

    "If you drive anything bigger than a VW bug or a Smart Car...there's no hope for you, so find an alternate route."

    Mark Cunningham
  • 2

    Pearl Street

    "Please move along...nothing to see here...the cops will be here momentarily..."

    Mark Cunningham
  • 3

    Waterford Drive

    "Luxury cars only please...and be sure to wipe the dirt off your tires before you enter."

    Mark Cunningham
  • 4

    Vista Drive

    "Run over a student, pay for their've got that kind of money, right?"

    Mark Cunningham
  • 5

    South Street

    "Oh, you're running late? That's unfortunate. Let's add ANOTHER red light to your list."

    Mark Cunningham
  • 6

    Stallings Drive

    "Welcome the the Texas Autobahn. Speed limits are merely suggestions here, as long as there's no DPS officer around."

    Mark Cunningham
  • 7

    Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

    "Yes, we know it smells like dog food...but what better place to put a softball complex???"

    Mark Cunningham
  • 8

    University Drive

    "Avoid this like the plague during SFA graduations...but be sure to stop and check out the SFA Gardens!"

    Mark Cunningham
  • 9

    Main Street

    "Yes, those are real bricks. No, we will not change them. Yes, it will be closed to thru traffic for Blueberry Fest. No, you can't avoid parallel parking."

    Mark Cunningham