We are now just a few hours away from Hurricane Laura making it's way through Deep East Texas. There are things that we automatically think of when we consider what kind of impact it will have. Things like "make sure you have non-perishable food items" and "make sure you have extra water" and even "make sure all your electronic devices are charged" are things that come to our mind rather quickly.

But, there are some things that we don't think about during storms. Lots of those things revolve around travel plans and procedures. Luckily, organizations like the Texas Department of Transportation DO think about such things, and they're there to remind us.

According to a press release from today, TxDOT is reminding everyone that there is a likelihood of traffic signals not working, due to power outages. If a traffic signal isn't working because of a power outage - or isn't working for any reason - that the intersection operates as a four-way stop.

They also remind everyone to stay alert for flooded areas, as this is a real possibility with this type of storm. Also, if you come to a flooded area, you shouldn't attempt to drive through it. It should go without saying, but if there are barricades set up in an area, you should not attempt to drive around them. Obviously, they're there for a reason.

Now, this message is from us here at the radio station: As we continue to watch Hurricane Laura, we will continue to keep you updated. Stay tuned in to stay up-to-date, and be sure you have the apps downloaded.

Be safe, Deep East Texas.

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