Today's date:  10/11/12!

Are you a numbers person?

Do you get charged up about the psychology surrounding numerical sequences?

My good friend, Peter Levitrolos III (not Peter Levitrolos II), is planning to celebrate the "dirty dozen" on 12/12/12.

He has already dispatched to me an e-mail describing his intentions, which include buying a 12-pack of beer, one dozen donuts, and the Bing Crosby recording of the "12 Days of Christmas".

This years 10/11/12 will be next years 11/12/13, in case you want to make plans now for an irrational excuse to ask for the day off from work.

The U.S.A. and Belize are one of the last bastions of a month/day/year format.  The rest of the world runs logically on day/month/year, so for those countries, 11/10/12  shuffles through today without fanfare.

Believe the technical term here is called the "Festival of Numerical Coincidence", and after 12/13/14, if I thought this out properly, the next date for calendar quirkiness will be 1/1/3001!