This winter is expected to be colder than normal,and we could have more ice and snow than we've seen in awhile. Maybe this eclipse is knocking our weather a little silly!  It could be a white Christmas in Texas.

The weather experts at the Farmer's Almanac say the long range weather forecast for this winter includes temperatures that are at least 2 degrees below normal on average, with the coldest weather from late November into early December, from late December into early January, and in early February.

If we get some snow, they're predicting it will be in late December and again in early to mid-February.  If you've had fingers crossed every Christmas for a white one, you could be in luck this year.  It could be that one week this decade that we all wish Texas sold snow blowers.

Before we get to winter we've got fall, and they're thinking September could be warmer and rainier than usual, with a tropical storm possible in the Gulf.  That might mean a lot of high school football games are played in the mud this fall.

We'll know soon if the long range forecasts are just guesses, or if they're on the nose (Rudolph's).  Now, back to the eclipse.

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