The very charitable JJ Watt is at it again, this time donating money to the family of a firefighter who died in a blaze that hit very close to home...for both of them.

This GUY. After all of the help during Hurricane Harvey relief, this is one more reason to love JJ Watt.

JJ Watt is from Wisconsin, and the fire that claimed the life of Cory Barr last week happened in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  Captain Barr was responding to a gas leak near his home when an explosion happened, and he didn't survive.

The story quickly made it to social media and a GoFundMe page was set up to start collecting funds to help Cory's wife, Abby, and their two children.  And it was then that someone sent JJ Watt a direct message on Twitter letting him know what happened, and before long there was an extra $10,000 in that GoFundMe account on behalf of JJ Watt.  The original goal was $15,000 and JJ Watt's momentum helped it cross that mark quickly.  At last check, the total amount donated had reached six figures and showed no signs of slowing down.

Not only did Abby lose her husband, but she also lost her business.  The Barr House Tavern was destroyed in the explosion along with other businesses in the area.

JJ Watt didn't want any attention for this, and he didn't announce that he made a donation.  He just did it.  And it doesn't sound like he blinked, or stopped to think about it for more than a second.  Someone needed help, and boom it was done.  That's what we love about JJ Watt.

Anybody ready for the Texans to start the football season?  Me too.  Houston kicks off the preseason August 9th against the Chiefs, and the first regular season game is September 9th at the Patriots.

JJ Watt is already having a pretty good season.

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