The craft brew industry has exploded over the past few years, and Texas brewers are cranking out some pretty amazing stuff.  What about some home brew?  You can learn how to make beer in your garage, at an event this weekend in Marshall.

The East Texas Brewers Guild is hosting a "Learn to Homebrew" event on Saturday, and it's one of several coordinated events happening across the country at the same time.

It's starting at 10am on Saturday, November 5th:

300 Pinewood Dr.

Marshall, TX

That's a guy's house.  They really are "home brewing" this weekend.

They'll be brewing several different beers, and the ETBG says there will be examples of how to do both an extract and all-grain batch of beer.  Don't know the difference?  Me neither!  Apparently it's why we need the class.  We should learn the instructions before we launch ourselves head first into the brewing process.

The East Texas Brewer's Guild formed in 2008, and it's based in Longview.  One of their goals is to " spread the word about good beer and demonstrate how easy it is to make beer that conforms to your tastes."  Saturday will be a good start.

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