I'm not advocating taking online college classes necessarily. Although if you want to, you absolutely should--why the heck not? I'm advocating education in any form.

So often adults get the vibe they've learned everything they need to know to get by in their day to day lives. That may be true. However, I have found that many of the coolest things I ever done and most of the new innovative ideas I have ever had have come from expanding my circle of knowledge. But don't take my word for it. Many of the most successful people you can think of include ongoing learning as one of the very highest priorities.

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This could be a simple as reading a book about a subject with which you're not familiar but would like to learn more about. Maybe this is a great time to take up a new hobby or practice public speaking with a group online to overcome your fear. Maybe you could take that concealed carry class or learn a foreign language. Just the process of learning something new can expand your mind in ways you can't even imagine--not just in what you're learning specifically but across the board.

The Muse offers some interesting perspectives on continuing learning and practical ways to implement learning into your daily life.

Who knows what you'll discover about yourself or what gifts you may find you've had all along that just needed a little bit of nurturing?

And if you're looking for some insight on things you may already be interested in and may want to learn more about, why not take a tour around your home as if it were a museum about you and your family?

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