We're almost to the fall season. The first official day of fall is Tuesday, September 22nd. Most people are ready for this, as we wrap up summer. I'm one of those people. Summer is my favorite season, but it's always nice to see fall come around. To me, it signals the start of deer season, and the upcoming holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's generally a time to be excited with anticipation.

But, it looks like this year - in true 2020 fashion - fall will start out a bit rough, at least as far as weather is concerned.

I know that the weather here changes so drastically, that it's really difficult to correctly predict what the weather will be like in a few days. However, it's not impossible. Check out the forecast - as of right now - from the National Weather Service:

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

Yes, that's the forecast for the night before, and the first official day of fall - or autumn, for those of you that prefer to use that term.

As you can see, the temperatures look decent, staying in the lower 70s during the day, with lower 60s overnight. But, what I'm keeping an eye on is that 60% chance of thunderstorms. That doesn't really make me excited to see the first day of fall...at least in that fashion.

But, I guess that we shouldn't expect anything less for 2020, right? It just kind of goes along with everything else that we've seen this year. Oh well, we're still one step closer to 2021.

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