A few days ago, Stacey Faulkner tweeted a photograph of a dog potentially being mishandled by workers at a Lufkin Animal Shelter. That caught the attention of not only her own Twitter Followers, but also the attention of singer Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20.

The firestorm led to an investigation into the animal's treatment at Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter.

KTRE ran a story yesterday on the investigation and reported the dog appears to be grabbed by the scruff of its behind, but there is also a purple leash present. The staff members that were handling the dog at the time say it was becoming aggressive and trying to bite, and using the leash to hold up the front and the scruff to hold up the back of the dog would have been the proper way to handle an animal that is becoming aggressive. So long as front and back weight is distributed equally, the dog is not being hurt, according to the shelter.

Here is the link to the dog in question: Petharbor.com

On Sunday, singer Rob Thomas tweeted, "shameful photo found on petharbor #animalabuse by staff! Lufkin Animal Shelter, Lufkin Texas, please make it go #viral!" Thomas later tweeted, "...I believe it should be looked into. it wouldn't be the first time animal abuse is discovered a the very shelters that are supposed to be protecting them. if it turn out to be a hoax, then good..."

As for the dog...the shelter says he's a little fearful, and has a heartworm infection. But as KTRE reports, the shelter is looking for a name for the dog and expects to be able to adopt him out soon.

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