The separation of church and state has been around for eons, but I bet you didn't know that this so-called law, is really an interpreted doctrine of the First Amendment, and because of that "interpretation", the Lufkin High School girls soccer team is hoping to find a replacement facility to hold their yearly banquet.

It only took one anonymous complaint to halt the plans of the "soccer boosters", when the decision by the Lufkin ISD not only acknowledged a "violation", but further advised the boosters that they could not use the First United Methodist Church for their function.  The price for the Church usage was free of charge, with exception of restoring the facility to its original cleanliness.

Personally, I will never understand the hoop-la behind this type of motivation, unless there is some underlying retribution factor.  In other words, some people need to resign as General Manager of the universe!  So, if you can help out the soccer team at an affordable price, seat about 150 people in a non-secular arena, then give Lufkin High School a call - now.

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