Less than one week until Thanksgiving, and Lifetime Television Network is already in full Christmas regalia showing the "Twelve Days Of Christmas" for 26 nights!

Which reminds me that you can see Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer being lit up Saturday, November 17 in the Lufkin Mall parking lot.  The ceremony is scheduled for 5 p.m. sharp (is the sun down at 5?), so treat it like a tailgate party, and arrive early for the festivities.

Also, don't forget to brush up on your Christmas caroling because the Lufkin Community Band will likely be having a jam session that will require your vocal cords to assist them in a round of "Silent Night"!

A high-five should go out to TXU, and Lufkin Industries for providing "Rudolph" on a grand scale.

See you there (for those of you receiving this via text, "C U thr").