I'm glad I went to the Veteran's Day parade in downtown Lufkin on Saturday.  The 9th annual event was full of traditional pomp and circumstance, but rightfully so, with the emphasis on those who served and are currently serving our country.

My daddy spent only four years in the Marine Corps, in Korea, but to hear him speak about war, his duties as a radio transmission specialist assigned to a "foxhole", as well as viewing old photos shot on location, kind of puts life in perspective on Veteran's Day.

Even though the war officially ended in 1975, I was required to register for the draft one year later.  My number wasn't called, but Vietnam would have been my destination had it been.

By the way, our government simply does not do enough for our servicemen and women.  Too often, being a member in the armed forces, has limited benefits.  Can't believe that this is never a headline when campaigning for public office.  At the very least, Vets deserve free medical services for the duration of their lives after fulfilling their military obligation.

I'm tired of seeing veteran's struggle mightily after combat, some attempting to adjust to civilian life, trying to make ends meet, and learn a skill set associated with domesticated living.

I'll get off of the soapbox now, and simply say thank you to our Veteran's - for keeping the American flag flying - freely!


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