Well fellas, if you've got man boobs and you're trying to fight them off in the gym by lifting weights, this might be some news you can use.  The extra flab might not be caused by aging or the food you eat, but rather by the feminine qualities of hops in your favorite beer.  Who knew!

Hops are female flowers of the hop plant and contain high levels of phytoestrogen—a plant estrogen.  And researchers say that the feminine nature of hops might be causing male breast development, and they could even be a cause of impotence, hair loss, and sluggishness.

Which beers have the most hops?  Fox News says craft brewers typically use four to five times more hops than mass-produced beer.  So the IPAs that are so popular might also boost the male bra industry without even knowing it.

And you thought drinking beer was so masculine.  All this time it's been getting you in touch with your feminine side.  Will hops work on women who are considering boob jobs?  That remains to be seen.