You've probably seen the headlines about March Madness, and how employers are faced with dilemmas about whether to ban basketball-watching and bracket-checking at the office or just let it slide. People are gonna check scores anyway right?  I mean we've got our smart phones.  Seems like a losing battle.  Linkedin says bosses should go ahead and embrace the Madness.

Are there TVs showing the games at your office?  We've got TVs on here.  It's a fun atmosphere and that puts everyone in a good mood, and I haven't done a productivity study but I get we're getting more work done than we do on a normal day.  We do need a moment to recover though once we learn our brackets are busted.  That's some serious down time, and a grieving period that's necessary.

Linkedin says companies should go so far as to relax the dress code and allow for team jerseys, and decorate departments around the office by team colors.  And Linkedin says it's a good idea to take pictures and use those as a recruiting tool to show potential hires what a blast you have at work.  Just know a video camera could be rolling when your team loses on a last-second three-pointer and you swear a blue streak.  Whoops.

The NCAA tournament runs through April 6th.  Have fun!  Isn't that the point?  Hope your boss agrees.

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