Huge chunks of ice have come out of nowhere to crash through ceilings in two states so far and weather experts and police are baffled.  Could Texas be next?

Imagine sitting on your couch binge-watching Friends with a big bowl of chips on your lap and you're totally in your zone, and the next thing you know there's a loud blast and a 12-pound ball of dirt and ice ends up sitting on the couch next to you. Surprise! It sounds like something straight out of Hollywood, but this kind of craziness has happened to unsuspecting homeowners in two states so far and I'm freaked out wondering if it will happen here.  Where in the heck are these things coming from?

Last week, a man in Elk Mound, Wisconsin said a 12.6-pound chunk of ice crashed through the roof of his bedroom and landed just a few inches away from him.  If the crash-landing had been a little closer it might have hit him on the head and given him a concussion or worse.  He told WQOW-TV that it sounded like a shotgun blast and it happened in the blink of an eye.  The hole that was carved into his ceiling is about two feet wide and from the looks of it, the fix is going to be something that's beyond the honey-do list and won't be cheap.

But oh wait, there's more!  About three weeks ago, a family in Palm City, Florida called the Martin County Sheriff's Office after a large chunk of ice crashed through the roof of their home.  Florida is a long way from Wisconsin, and if the ice balls are looking to form a triangle then maybe Texas is next.  What is going on?  Are aliens throwing snowballs at us?  Are really strong birds dropping ice bombs?  It's not winter, and the sky doesn't seem like it's in the ice-making business right now.

Nobody knows where the dangerous and damaging ice balls are coming from.  The National Weather Service didn't report any thunderstorms near the Wisconsin or Florida crashes that would have created massive chunks of hail.

The sheriff's office said the "origins of the ice chunk were unknown."

And we thought 2020 was weird.

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