recently named Nacogdoches the 8th poorest city in America, using data from the US Census Bureau.

Do you agree?  It's all relative I suppose.  If you have a great job in Nacogdoches and you're living comfortably, then you probably can't relate.  If you're living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make ends meet, maybe you're thinking, "right on!"

There are lots of Stephen F. Austin students in Nacogdoches, and some have part-time jobs while many of them have zero income.  That may throw off the numbers a little bit, but then again, many cities have college students who might alter the stats in the same way.  And Nac still comes out on the low end of the income bracket.

The report said the median income in Nacogdoches is about $32,000.

I've found, at least in my personal experience, that people all over East Texas are starting to look for ways to supplement their income with side projects, often online.  So maybe technology will change those numbers for the better in the future.

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