Every state has cities where the money seems to flow more easily than others, and the spot in Texas that has the most trouble getting on its financial feet is in the southern tip, near McAllen and Brownsville.

In other words, there IS opportunity in Tyler and Longview.  We're not the richest cities in Texas, but not the poorest either. 

The poorest town in the United States is Macon, Mississippi, with a median income of about $18,000, according to 24/7 Wall Street.  The poorest town in Hawaii is better off than most of Mississippi, with a median income above $50,000.

24/7 Wall Street looked at cities with populations under 25,000, and concluded that San Benito the poorest city in Texas.  It's lodged between McAllen and Brownsville, and not far from South Padre Island.  The median income there is $27, 880 and the poverty rate is 37%.

The median household income in the state of Texas, by the way, is $53, 035.  That's probably something you and your co-worker don't talk about every day.

Texas is a huge state, with hundreds if not thousands of big businesses and several Fortune 500 companies set up here.  There is opportunity everywhere if you're good at networking and you know where to look, and if you're not happy with how things are turning out, there are always U-Hauls.

One thing is for sure.  The cost of living here is way better than Hawaii.  There's that!

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