In the midst of everything going on right now, we're seeing lots of events get cancelled. Concerts, sporting events, festivals, etc. And, we're not immune to cancellations here in Deep East Texas. Earlier today, we received word of another cancellation in the Nacogdoches community.

In a post on Facebook, the Nacogdoches Youth Soccer Association made the announcement that they would be cancelling the Spring 2020 season. Now, they are still planning on having the Fall 2020 season, but the spring season has been cancelled.

Yes, it's rough news that they will have to cancel this season. However, there are some silver linings to all of this.

  1. They are offering refunds to parents/guardians of the athletes, and they aren't cancelling the season and keeping the money.
  2. They will accept donations for any expenses that have already incurred, to keep up the soccer complex, etc.
  3. They are, in fact, looking forward to the Fall 2020 season.

While these may seem like tiny silver linings, they are silver linings all the same. Eventually, we'll be able to go to sporting events again like normal. Until then, the athletes will have to practice during their downtime so that when "normal" comes back, they'll be ready. Then, all of these cancelled things will just be a thing of the past.

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