The power forward burst into song, as the Dallas Mavericks celebrated their first NBA title during Thursday's parade.

Dirk Nowitzki

The German big man may have won his first NBA title, but he won't be winning American Idol any time soon.  It was supposed to be a time to celebrate, but when Nowitzki sang his version of Queen's 'We Are The Champions', it left fans plugging their ears in horror.

Unlike his smooth, fade-away jump shot, Dirk's singing had fans screaming for all the wrong reasons. The tones coming out of his mouth, sounded like Frankenstein was being burned at the stake. Then, to make matters worse, his teammates and owner, Mark Cuban, joined in. This choir of athletes, proved once again why they play basketball, and are not musicians.

But you can't bash the champs too hard. Who wouldn't be singing their lungs out after just winning the NBA title and the Finals MVP award. Congratulations Dirk and the rest of the Dallas Mavericks!

Watch Dirk and the Mavs hit the high notes, as they sing Queen 'We Are The Champions".

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