Four '70s-era Neil Young albums that have long been out of print will be reissued on vinyl next month. Look for 1973's Time Fades Away, 1974's On the Beach, 1975's Tonight's the Night and Zuma on Sept. 6.

The LPs were collected in a limited-edition box set for Record Store Day in 2014, but have not be reissued separately. Bernie Grundman Mastering updated the original analog studio recordings.

Time Fades Away found Young touring in support of 1972's Harvest, though it sometimes bore little resemblance to the studio record's mostly rustic sound. Instead, Young roared through a ragged and cathartic electric set with an all-star group called the Stray Gators.

On the Beach was actually recorded before Tonight's the Night, though it arrived in record stores first. Both are of a piece, however, as Young continued to struggle mightily against loss – most notably that of former Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten, who had overdosed after being let go prior to the tour that produced Time Fades Away.

Levon Helm and Rick Danko of the Band joined in the sessions for On the Beach. Young then reunited with the remaining members of Crazy Horse for Zuma, which joined Time Fades Away in achieving gold-selling status.

Former bandmates Crosby, Stills and Nash appear as guests on Zuma; David Crosby and Graham Nash were also on Time Fades Away. All four albums were Top 40 hits before disappearing from store shelves.

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