Even the heavy hitters of musical inspiration have bad days, and Mr. Crazy Horse is no exception, and maybe Neil Young should follow in the footsteps of Jay Leno's passion for collecting automobiles, that is keeping them under regular maintenance schedules.

Young's lemon of the moment is a 1959 Lincoln Continental convertible that tours the country promoting sustainable energy.

The vehicle broke down in the mountains of California on a treacherous piece of Interstate 80 roadway that closes often during the winter months because of impassable conditions, like blizzards and white-outs.

Thank goodness those two guys from CHiPs (California Highway Patrol), Ponch & John, were able to come to Young's rescue.  Well, maybe not Ponch & John, but he did get assistance from the CHP.

And, some lucky folks that recognized the singer got to pose for pictures and get autographs.  That's a fast hundred on e-bay, huh?

Here's to you Neil:

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