As Texans, we pretty much have BBQ built into our DNA from day one. BBQ is a Texas tradition, and we generally can't get enough of it. That's why, when a new BBQ place opens near us, we get pretty excited. And, since we're excited now, you know that there must be a new place on the horizon.

Crockett is the site of a new craft BBQ place this time. Mimsy's Craft Barbecue, LLC., will be opening soon at the corner of Loop 304 and 5th Street in Crockett, according to the Mimsy's Craft Barbecue Facebook page. Now, if you're coming from Nacogdoches, it takes just under an hour to get there. If you're coming from Lufkin, it'll take roughly the same time. Not a bad commute for good BBQ.

Now, this isn't just a regular BBQ joint either. This is actually being opened by Wade Elkins. Wade has been working as one of the pitmasters from Reveille Barbecue Co. in Magnolia, just outside of Houston. And, to give you an idea why THAT'S a big deal: Reveille has been recognized by Texas Monthly for their BBQ. Now, he's bringing that knowledge and taste into East Texas, as Mimsy's Craft BBQ. Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.

If you check out their Facebook page, you'll be able to see all of the progress that they're making on the building, along with the merch that's already ready to go. Plus, they're already hiring! You can find all of their open positions on the page.

According to Facebook, they're aiming for a March 2021 opening date. All I know, is that we're pretty pumped to find out what Mimsy's Craft BBQ is all about!

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